WordPress, I love it, I hate it.

This blog is running on WordPress. It serves me well,  right functionality, easy to manage. Some things though are not fun in Wordpress:

  • The updates are from from painless, a  promise made by the WordPress team. Every upgrade results in searching hours to solve what went wrong this time.
  • The previous upgrade made me move to UTF-8. I am still searching every post for format errors and visible control chars.
  • The image manager/gallery may look nice at first sight, it is a piece of junk in practice.  Until the last version the flash interface did not work at all, and in the previous relase not even the html version worked. Costs me several hours to find a solution and fix… And read on about moving websites and images lost.
  • The WYSIWYG editor works fine for standard things, but once you step out of the standard paragraph it is again required to work in html and fix by hand. Image resizing is a big laugh, do it in html!
  • I have moved from Lycos to Strato as provider.  A little change in the config.php should be all required to make it work after the move. So it seems.  But older posts, dating from before the move did not show the gallery images. And also all older images were missing in the image manager? Files were on the server in the right place, so whats up?  I had to revert to SQL to fix the messup. All images are prefixed with the absolute path on the server,  all the way up to ‘/’.  Ofcourse on the new provider the path was different, and images were lost.  So I exported the WP_META table, did a search and replace and loaded the table again. Problem fixed, my faith in WordPress was lost.
  • Support via the WordPress fora is not very useful. The amount of unresolved/unanswered entries is overwhelming.

So what is the alternative? Tell me if you know a better blog solution!

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