Windows Creators update Windows Security Health alarm off

While the update to Creators update worked without a problem (slight one, my custom Exploere short cut broke) a new feature was annoying.

Windows Security Health checks a lot of relevant settings and status of devices, but lacks a facility to suppress warnings of ‘things I know off and are fine’.

One is the setting of screen brightness on my notebooks (all my machines are nowafdays) to maximum, affecting battery life. I know, dont nag about it.
The result is a Windows Security icon in the taskbar with an exclamation mark, hinting at one or more problems. It is not, so remove tat please.

Only way is to use the registry editor:

\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Security Health\Health Advisor\Battery

to 0 and reboot.

Microsoft gave the usual answer: will be fixed in a future release ….

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