Windows 7 on Acer Aspire One D250


I think I will like Windows 7.  I completely skipped Windows Vista,  both in business and at home.  Windows XP is still everywhere on all my computers.

But Windows 7, especially 64 bit,  is inevitable. XP is aging and it will be out of the mainstream in a couple of years. Just like Windows 98 SE, great OS’es, a pleasure to use most of the time, but part of history now. While Windows 98  SE was not always stable, Windows XP was the first Microsoft OS as stable and versatile as you can expect for software and well, very well supported by the industry.  Everything runs on Windows XP.
Whether Windows 7 is already that versatile, I am not sure. Seeing the many praises and the inevitable,  but not alarming,  error reports on Windows 7, with good driver support, it is in a much better shape than Windows Vista.
Like Windows ME paved the way for the migration of the Windows 9x to the Windows  NT/2000 desktop, Vista was an essential step to Windows 7.  Not that Windows 7 is just a service pack for Vista,  it contains much more improvements to the Vista codebase. It performs, it works out of the box and looks good.

The first production machine to get Windows 7 will be the Acer Aspire netbook D250. Not the last to upgrade, I got myself a cheap family 3 PC upgrade.

Installing (I have an external USB DVD writer, though making a bootable USB stick installation is possible with Microsoft tools) was the most dullest experience for Windows ever.

This is what I did:

  1. Made a backup of bootblock and the XP system and restore partition (see my blog howto here)
  2. Created a partiton (with GPARTED) of 60GB for Windows 7. Yes, XP is still on the netbook as second OS!
  3. Installed Windows 7  (32bit, no 64 on Atom!) via a boot from the DVD drive.  Custom-advanced of course to select the new empty partition. Very few questions, went to see a episode of a tv show, and it was up and running quite soon.
  4. Entered product key and activated.
  5. Windows update, already some security updates and new drivers for netwerk and wireless and webcam.
  6. Microsoft Essentials will be the antivirus software, works fine.
  7. Tested everything, device manager shows all devices found and working.
  8. Had to download and install the Synaptics driver for the touchpad, as it was detected as a general mouse.  As this is the only driver to be installed manually, not bad, not bad at all.

It seems the battery life is just the same as with Windows XP as I saw last night, but no real experience data yet.

Now to install all my favorite programs. I know watching video, listening to music, editing photo and video and programming in Delphi works on 7, so it looks good sofar. I can visit Microsoft Teched next week with this machine 😉

But where are the Powertools, like TweakUI,  Command Windows from here, etc?

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