USB, Firewire, etc travel kit

Always looking for the right USB cable? Or Firewire? I think the designers of the USB specification made a mess of it. So many variants, small, big, large, male and female, it looks like the United Nations. And as in the UN often the right connection can not be made … So a universal connection kit would be the solution. I bought the TravelEasy Cable bag to fight the cable disorder. 


Recently I found a nice Hongkong based webshop DealExtreme, with those cheap chinese made gadgets that can be so handy. Most Hongkong shops, especially selling on ebay, have these items for very low prices, the shipping costs are killing any price advantage. Not DealExtreme, since every price is including shipment and there is no minimum order. So the prices seem a bit higher, but in the end are very affordable. Besides the USB bag, I also got, among other gadgets, a Network retractable Cable and a S-VHS to Compostite video cable and some more things. Ordering and searching is painless, PayPal is the way to pay and shipping took two weeks (including theXmas days). Recommended shop! The S-VHS adapter one works very well, especially since it seems to be the single capacitor adapter type.


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