Video editing with Premiere Elements

Its autumn. Lots of rain, getting dark early, feeling depressed already due to the lack of daylight. Leave home early, drive in the dark, come home at night in the dark, winter cloths. So its time now to relive happier summer days, time to do some video editing of the material shot during the Turkey and Jordan holidays with my new Canon FS100 video camera. First things I see when looking at the material are that the camera performed reasonably well. Not as good as my Canon Powershot 710IS, but it did record acceptable video fragments. And I did record … Continue reading Video editing with Premiere Elements

Easycap video capture and heat

I bought this little USB based video capture device from DealExtreme. It allows to show and capture video and audio via an USB connection. Ideal for notebooks, and for me ideal to see the video output of my retro computers like the MSX and the Apple Replica’s without the large video monitor on my desk. Price was low ($16.89, which is even less in euro’s 🙂 ) And includes shipping from HongKong. Video quality turned out to be good enough. It took ofcourse the usual couple of minutes to load the driver, attach the device, had it find the USB … Continue reading Easycap video capture and heat

Canon FS100 videocamera

A new toy, a hitech video camera. After having used for two years a Samsung VP-D361 mini DV cam and being quite disappointed with the quality of that device (auto focus was off most of the time, and it failed on me when I was in China in the Forbidden City, the tape motor could be heard and fire-wire transfer is awkward) I decided to look at a better quality but affordable camera. For me quality means reliability, small, low weight, easy to carry and easy to add to my current video setup and reasonable video quality. Since my video … Continue reading Canon FS100 videocamera