Babylon 5: The Lost Tales

I am a big fan of the Babylon 5 series. It was broadcast many years ago, a good memory. So I was pleasantly surprised to learn that a direct-to-DVD series will be released under the title The Lost Tales. The first DVD has been released this week . Now either this new series has a very slow start or I am going to be rather disappointed. Two tales are told. A very slow and without any action first one about a demon escaped from earth, nearly without tension, and without any surprise in the end. Lots and lots of blabla, … Continue reading Babylon 5: The Lost Tales

Eureka, the series is back for another season

Eureka, the scifi series second season has started Quote: Marshall Jack Carter: Let’s not shoot the crazy end-of-the-world machine just yet. The series mixes light humour, typical scifi techno blabla and fun characters like the marshal and the techno do-it-all Henry Deacon, freaks like Fargo and Taggart, the into a nice summer melt. Keeping with current trends in scifi, it keeps the aliens, humanoid heavy make up type of guys, out. And also with current trends (heroes, 4400) people with ‘abilities’ are in. Its not the best scifi series ever, but a nice thing to watch during summertime. Now if … Continue reading Eureka, the series is back for another season

Favorite books: Dune or Arrakis or Duin

One of my favorite science fiction books must be Dune, by Frank Herbert. In the Netherlands this appeared in the Meulenhoff Science-fictions series, sometimes in the seventies. What makes this book so special is the richeness of the scene, the humans staying human in so strange locations, the numerous links to religions and philosophies, hints at nomadic arabic heroism and immense tragedies. The series of Duin ended with Duin Kapittel or Chapterhouse Dune as it is called in English. It had a rather open end , but after the dead of Frank Herbert I thought it was over. I also … Continue reading Favorite books: Dune or Arrakis or Duin

Season finale

It is season finale time again. Most of my favorite television series are on vacation. Battlestar Galactica is already finished, SG-1 is finished forever as a series, Atlantis wil continue with Carter in the cast next season. Harry Dresden will also return next year.  Heroes also came to a season finale, much is revealed, enough loose ends left to continue this great show in 2008. Boston Legal is still on for some weeks and so is 4400. Doctor Who with his lovely new companian Martha is doing what Doctor Who is always doing, the Daleks and his other friends pop up everywhere, but mostly in Londen. … Continue reading Season finale