Conrad Retro Radio

Often I get question about the availibility of Philips kits like the Philips Pionier. And I have to disappoint the asker, those kits are not for sale anymore. Now I found a kit suitable for beginners, young and old,  or those who want to relive again those days of outting together a working radio: The Conrad Retro Radio. I have reported before on that kit and now I have built one. Full report on my Personal Interest’s site. It was fun to built, it plays quite acceptable for an AM radio. Is this the new Pionier kit? No, it is … Continue reading Conrad Retro Radio

The Ultimate Commodore 64 talk

Michael Steil again shows his appreciation of the 6502 cpu and the most succesful computer built around this cpu, the C64, again and again. On the blog he shows the video of the talk he gave at the 25C3, Berlin december 2008. I heard from my son, who was there, that the room where the talk was given was completely filled! An incredible amount of information on the cpu and the C64! A must see. Link: Continue reading The Ultimate Commodore 64 talk

Emulith, a Lilith emulator

Emulith is a functional emulation of the ETH Lilith Modula2 computer. Its is programmed by Jos Dreesen, owner of one of the few remaining operational Lilith’s. The ETH, later DISER, Lilith is a 16 bit workstation developed at the ETH by a team under lead of Prof. N. Wirth between ca. 1979 and 1982. Main reasons to fame were the fact that the hardware was developed to fit the Modula2 language requirements and its high resolution display. It is also one of the earliest personal computers to have a mouse as a standard input device. The Lilith emulator Emulith is … Continue reading Emulith, a Lilith emulator

Cosmicos boek gezocht!

Terwijl Dick Boer, Paul Beer en ik ons met de KIM-1 bezighielden bij Radio Bulletin rond 1980, was collega Bob Stuurman op zijn zeer zorgvuldige manier bezig met de ontwikkeling van een systeem rond de 1802 microprocessor, zijn systeem heet de Cosmicos. Het is een fraai uitziend systeem geworden. De ontwikkelingen rond de KIM-1 en de Cosmicos hebben wel wat gemeen, de dynamische ram kaart is ook voor de 6502 systeempjes geschikt gemaakt. Onlangs kreeg ik de kans om door een ruil een Cosmicos systeem toe te voegen aan de verzameling. Niet zo mooi als in bovenstaand plaatje, maar meer … Continue reading Cosmicos boek gezocht!

More on Microsoft Basic: listing from behind a filing cabinet

Found an interesting page again on the origin of Microsoft Basic, the 8080 version. A listing was recovered in 2000. It was behind a filing cabinet for 20 years! Lots of technical details on the development process for this version of BASIC. Especially talking about developing 8080 assembler stuff without the aid of an 8080 cross-assembler for the PDP-10. 00340 SUBTITL VERSION 1.1 — MORE FEATURES TO COME The copyright reads : 00400 ——————————————- 00410 COPYRIGHT 1975 BY BILL GATES AND PAUL ALLEN 00420 ——————————————- It also says ‘written originally on the PDP-10 at Harvard from February 9 to April … Continue reading More on Microsoft Basic: listing from behind a filing cabinet

The Beta computer

The Beta computer is a small but fully functional 6502 system. Ideal for controlling applications! The base, called ‘controller’, is a PCB with 6502 cpu, a 6532 RIOT and a 2716 EPROM. A really minimal 6502 system with lots of I/O and a minimal IC count. This standard controller is meant to be inserted in a PCB called ‘terminal’ on which specific hardware can be placed, depending on the application. Two ‘terminals’ have been described in the original articles, one acting as a development system, with KIM-1 like seven segment LED display, hex keyboard and an EPROM programmer. The second … Continue reading The Beta computer

L65, a structured language instead of an assembler

Inspired by the latest work of Niklaus Wirth, his PICL language. I am thinking of designing a new language for my 6502 based machines. Programming the small 6502 machines, like the KIM-1, Micro-KIM or the Apple 1 replica’s for applications suitable for this kind of computer, like I/O contriol and not the generic workstation personal productivity, is either done in higly inefficient Basic or Pascal, with lots of unnecessary overhead or via assembler. The issue here is, that high level langauge are too far removed from the actual CPU. And assembler is the worst kind of programming language thinkable (yes … Continue reading L65, a structured language instead of an assembler

Retro website and forum, CMS Made Simple and PHPBB2

I like small computers, especially the SBC (Single Board Computer) type. These SBC’s give you a direct contact with the hardware, simple enough to understand all what is happening. It once started with the KIM-1, a true SBC of the early days. So in my collection the SBC’s, especially the 6502 based, have a special place. Junior, Micro-KIM, Apple 1 Replica, A-ONE, all variations on that theme. The domain gives me nearly unlimited access to subdomains, so I combined my love for SBC’s and my love for web publishing: the url  host a site devoted to the SBC. Build with … Continue reading Retro website and forum, CMS Made Simple and PHPBB2