DriverLynx DLPORTIO and Windows 7

Dead link: DriverLynx PortIO (DLLPORT.SYS) is needed on Windows NT and higher to access the I/O ports in a PC from a program, for example in Delphi. New location for download: Working examples, including the driverlynx driver and with Delphi  example sources  are on my Programs and PC ports pages Alas, Windows 7 (and Vista) make it a bit more difficult to install this driver.  It seems everything is allright running the installer (port95nt.exe), but running the program gives the error  DLPORTIO.SYS is not loaded. But it can be done as follows: Right Click Port95nt.exe – Properties Compatibility – Run this program in … Continue reading DriverLynx DLPORTIO and Windows 7

Delphi 7 and Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 32 and 64 bit.

As you can see in this blog, I recently started programming again in Pascal, eh, Delphi Object Pascal. The version I use (since it is the last version close to traditional Windows programming) is version 7. The best version to use, is the version that floats around as Delphi 7.2 Second Edition (search a torrent site) which is a trimmed and bugfixed small package. Of course this package runs fine on Windows XP. But how on Windows 7 (and 8!)? This is how I got it to work. Installation Make sure you run this as administrator, you will need the … Continue reading Delphi 7 and Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 32 and 64 bit.

Delphi and electronics

A PC is such a dull device. With my other computers it is so much fun to control other devices, especially the 6502 SBC’s are great for that. What would be great is to let the PC talk to a SBC, with something faster than a serial port. Or have the PC control the SBC via that serial port with a program much more intelligent that hyperterminal. So I have been looking lately at ways to get something done with that. Pascal as programming language, Delphi 7 is what I have.  Good books, lots of information on the internet very … Continue reading Delphi and electronics