DriverLynx DLPORTIO and Windows 7

Dead link: DriverLynx PortIO (DLLPORT.SYS) is needed on Windows NT and higher to access the I/O ports in a PC from a program, for example in Delphi. New location for download: Working examples, including the driverlynx driver and with Delphi  example sources  are on my Programs and PC ports pages Alas, Windows 7 (and Vista) make it a bit more difficult to install this driver.  It seems everything is allright running the installer (port95nt.exe), but running the program gives the error  DLPORTIO.SYS is not loaded. But it can be done as follows: Right Click Port95nt.exe – Properties Compatibility – Run this program in … Continue reading DriverLynx DLPORTIO and Windows 7