Panorama Weesp 1973, black and white

I have been playing with panorama photography since I got a camera. So in 1973 , with the SLR Praktica, I made a series of shots from the top of the Meidoornlaan in Weesp. 6 photos in total,  just enough to give a panorama view of the centre of Weesp. Black and white, developed and printed in my own darkroom. I scanned the photos and reproduced the panorama. Many of the houses shown in the front are now taken down and replaced by modern houses or will be in the near future (Papelaan, Krugerstraat). Continue reading Panorama Weesp 1973, black and white

New camera Canon EOS 1000D

Sinterklaas has brought me two presents, a new TV and a new photo camera. This is about the Canon EOS 1000D. More on the LCD tv and the 5.1 home theater set, when I am finished installing all that!                   Not that I am dissatisfied with my Canon Powershot A710 IS, not at all. It has proven to be a perfect companion on my travels, delivering good photos. Of course it is a compact camera, with the small size and low weight as advantages, and the disadvantages such as lack of options and noise in low light situations that … Continue reading New camera Canon EOS 1000D

A new camera

I was quite pleased with the Canon Powershot 420 I took with me to Venezuela. After the first day I switched form the inferior Fuji E500 to this conventient camera and it served me well the rest of the vacation in Venezuela. Since this camera was meant for my friend in Venezuela, I shipped it to Caracas on my last day in Porlamar. So I was in the market for a new camera. Canon is my choice of manufacturer, though I am still pleased with my Casio QV400. What I wanted was: A small camera to travel with, no bulky … Continue reading A new camera