More on Microsoft Basic: listing from behind a filing cabinet

Found an interesting page again on the origin of Microsoft Basic, the 8080 version. A listing was recovered in 2000. It was behind a filing cabinet for 20 years! Lots of technical details on the development process for this version of BASIC. Especially talking about developing 8080 assembler stuff without the aid of an 8080 cross-assembler for the PDP-10. 00340 SUBTITL VERSION 1.1 — MORE FEATURES TO COME The copyright reads : 00400 ——————————————- 00410 COPYRIGHT 1975 BY BILL GATES AND PAUL ALLEN 00420 ——————————————- It also says ‘written originally on the PDP-10 at Harvard from February 9 to April … Continue reading More on Microsoft Basic: listing from behind a filing cabinet

Micro-KIM has arrived!

To be honest, the Micro-KIM arrived the day after I went east for my China visit. Together with a 32K RAM expansion, as you can see on the picture. I have been playing with it the last days and it sure is fun to have a KIM-1 experience again. It feels like 1977 again.   I have run some simple terminal based games  Microsoft KB9 Basic and Focal. The serial interface was irritating in 1977 and it still is 😉  More about this retro pionier computer at my Micro-KIM page. Continue reading Micro-KIM has arrived!

My website in Elektuur

For the second time the dutch magazine Elektuur (Elektor as it is called in other countries) has mentioned my website in an article devoted to retro electronics. In the July/August issue, mostly about robotics, an article is devoted to Philips EE-Bouwdozen. In the Links my webpage on the ME1200, the first Philips Mechanical Engineer, is mentioned. The previous time was in this article, about the Elektuur Junior Computer, in the january 2005 issue. Continue reading My website in Elektuur

Programming again: KIMPAPER

The micro-KIM made me start programming again! asked me  if I had a utility to convert from binary, like the KIM-1 programs on my website, to the MOS Technology paper-tape format that is understood by the KIM-1 monitor for loading programs. And yes, such a utility once existed, written by me as part of a teminal emulation and loading/saving package on VAX/VMS. Long time ago (1985), VAX/VMS Pascal and I only have a not  source on paper. So I started writing a program to be called KIMPAPER to convert between the MOS Technology paper-tape format and the not so intelligent BIN, … Continue reading Programming again: KIMPAPER

Micro-KIM will go into production!

Some weeks ago I told you about the micro-KIM, a KIM-1 clone designed and to be produced by Vince Briel. Update on june 2, 2007: the micro-KIM is available for pre-ordering! As a kit or as assembled and tested unit! The KIM-1 pages on my website have been expanded a lot to prepare for the launch of the Micro-KIM. I have ordered and received a micro-KIM< together with a 32K RAM expansion. The first batch had some PCB errors, easy to repair. This KIM runs all programs now, except for cassette audio  in/output.   Continue reading Micro-KIM will go into production!


If you visit my webpage, it will become clear nostalgia plays a big role nowadays in my interests. Old electronic kits like the Philips Pionier and EE8 and also my first computer, the KIM-1. I still have that old dinosour, and it still is in working condition, with all its expansions. KIM-1 single board computers are now hard to find and real collector value, I have several revisions in my collection. Now everybody can own a KIM-1 at a very reasonable price! Vince Briel is developing the micro-KIM, with nearly identical specifications and also a SBC. Cant wait to have … Continue reading micro-KIM