Moving to a new provider

Lycos served me well for more than 4 years,.The domain, with the sites and have been doing well, gaining high google ratings like PR 4 now. But Lycos will stop the hosting services and I looked around for a new provider. Strato will get the business and the domain name transfer has started. So this will mean some downtime the coming days. Sorry and dont worry, i will be back soon! Edit 15 dec 2008: the blog has moved! The technical aspect was easy, Strato works well but it did require two phonecalls to the servidedesk to … Continue reading Moving to a new provider

A new look, updates will come soon

Been quiet on the blog lately. Not that it was quiet on the business and home front.  Seems I won’t get an early retirement from work, other colleques are now looking for a new job. Sigh. The media stream Soundbridge HomeMusic made me work on the mp3 collection.  That collection grew uncontrolled and unorganised to a 160 GB. The Soundbridge made it clear that mp3 id tags are essential, and many duplicate files and corrupt files are no good either. I will tell you about two excellent programs to fight the mp3 disorder: MediaMonkey and mp3tag. Continue reading A new look, updates will come soon a new domain and a new ISP is mine! I could not resist the offer made by this ISP, offers a complete package for 29 euro, the first year for 1 (one!) Euro, including a domain name. As fas as I can see good bandwith,  no limits on mysql databases and subdomains, 500 MB disk space. Registered this morning, good email communication followed today and already operational. So visit (now forwarding to .com, have to think what to do with this 😉 ) Continue reading a new domain and a new ISP