New camera Canon EOS 1000D

Sinterklaas has brought me two presents, a new TV and a new photo camera. This is about the Canon EOS 1000D. More on the LCD tv and the 5.1 home theater set, when I am finished installing all that!                   Not that I am dissatisfied with my Canon Powershot A710 IS, not at all. It has proven to be a perfect companion on my travels, delivering good photos. Of course it is a compact camera, with the small size and low weight as advantages, and the disadvantages such as lack of options and noise in low light situations that … Continue reading New camera Canon EOS 1000D

Voor Sinterklaas of de kerst: kristalradio of Conrad Retro Radio

Een zelfbouw radio, dat leverde veel plezier op in mijn jeugd, met de Pionier zonder solderen een radio in elkaar zetten. Helaas is de Pionier al jaren niet meer leverbaar. Gelukkig zijn er nog steeds mogelijkheden om een zelfbouw radio cadeau te geven aan een beginnende elektronicus. Model Blauw kristalradio Via de site is een kristalradio voor zelfbouw te verkrijgen die erg lijkt op de Philips Pionier 1. Spoel, germanium diode, oortelefoon de klassieke schakeling voor een kristalradio. Te bouwen zonder solderen. Prijs Euro 4,50 en dat is een koopje. Conrad Retro radio Een bouwpakket van Conrad. Wel solderen … Continue reading Voor Sinterklaas of de kerst: kristalradio of Conrad Retro Radio

Gadget of the year: USB based scan toaster

From the Electrolux design room: a design for an USB based toaster. Now you can have your toast show any picture with this device! Designer -Sung Bae Chang South Korea People who don’t have time to wait for bread to toast can take their toaster to work, hook it up to their computer and even print articles and snapshots on it with Scan Toaster. The appliance is one of nine finalists out of more than 600 entries from 49 countries in the Electrolux Design Lab 2008 competition. This year, the sixth year of the global contest, undergraduate and graduate industrial … Continue reading Gadget of the year: USB based scan toaster

There would be chicken for dinner

I read this funny line, from an interview with Andrew Tanenbaum. Q: If Linux’s Tux penguin and MINIX’s raccoon faced off in a fight to the death, who would win? A: Raccoons are quite aggressive. Penguins are not. There would be chicken for dinner. The rest of the interview focusses on Minix, a micro-kernel OS. Q: What made you decide to make MINIX based on a microkernel rather than a monolithic kernel? A: Good software engineering principles dictate that your programs are modular. You don’t want a bug in one piece to bring down the whole thing if that can … Continue reading There would be chicken for dinner

Looking for a Xmas gift?

It is always hard to find a gift, unique and surprising! On I found this, the USB powered greenhouse! Not that this is of any practical use, who keeps his PC running 24×7 to grow plants? Ah, I hear the dutch think: grow cannabis (for your own personal usage … 🙂 ) at the office! So ask one for Sinterklaas. A real geek will of course order a USB powered Plasma ball! So boys, this is what I want for my birthday…. But please, not a USB powered aquarium! Filled with real water and plastic fishes. Continue reading Looking for a Xmas gift?

Dyno torch or ‘knijpkat’

Always handy, a pocket torch when it is dark and the power is down. Of course, at that moment the battery of the tortch is always empty. So I got myself a very old type of device, in a new incarnation: a dyno torch! Just press the handle several time and the two bright white LEDs start to shine. Keep on pushing and the builtin battery is recharged, so light for free and at the right time! Continue reading Dyno torch or ‘knijpkat’

A new camera

I was quite pleased with the Canon Powershot 420 I took with me to Venezuela. After the first day I switched form the inferior Fuji E500 to this conventient camera and it served me well the rest of the vacation in Venezuela. Since this camera was meant for my friend in Venezuela, I shipped it to Caracas on my last day in Porlamar. So I was in the market for a new camera. Canon is my choice of manufacturer, though I am still pleased with my Casio QV400. What I wanted was: A small camera to travel with, no bulky … Continue reading A new camera