Voor Sinterklaas of de kerst: kristalradio of Conrad Retro Radio

Een zelfbouw radio, dat leverde veel plezier op in mijn jeugd, met de Pionier zonder solderen een radio in elkaar zetten. Helaas is de Pionier al jaren niet meer leverbaar. Gelukkig zijn er nog steeds mogelijkheden om een zelfbouw radio cadeau te geven aan een beginnende elektronicus. Model Blauw kristalradio Via de site kristalradio.nl is een kristalradio voor zelfbouw te verkrijgen die erg lijkt op de Philips Pionier 1. Spoel, germanium diode, oortelefoon de klassieke schakeling voor een kristalradio. Te bouwen zonder solderen. Prijs Euro 4,50 en dat is een koopje. Conrad Retro radio Een bouwpakket van Conrad. Wel solderen … Continue reading Voor Sinterklaas of de kerst: kristalradio of Conrad Retro Radio

Easycap video capture and heat

I bought this little USB based video capture device from DealExtreme. It allows to show and capture video and audio via an USB connection. Ideal for notebooks, and for me ideal to see the video output of my retro computers like the MSX and the Apple Replica’s without the large video monitor on my desk. Price was low ($16.89, which is even less in euro’s ūüôā ) And includes shipping from HongKong. Video quality turned out to be good enough. It took ofcourse the usual couple of minutes to load the driver, attach the device, had it find the USB … Continue reading Easycap video capture and heat

MusicPal, alarmclock, internet radio and audio streamer

I wanted a better alarmclock. The one I use now is a boring LED display with an annoying sound. I know, to get up it has to be annoying! But I wanted something hitech. After the succes of the Soundbridge, streaming audio and internet radio in the living room, and now having online the mp3 collection, I looked for an alarmclock with streaming capabilities. I found the MusicPal, an alarmclock with hitech sound facilities. The MusicPal is a Wireless or wired internet radio from Freecom. Plays internet radio without the use of a PC. Streams also MP3 music from your … Continue reading MusicPal, alarmclock, internet radio and audio streamer

Stream mp3s to my audio system

Like most of us I have a large collection of mp3 songs on multiple hard disks on multiple PCs. And though a notebook is used here to watch movies on the big television, the facility to play mp3 files on my (I know, on my old but o so good sounding selfbuilt Wharfedale 5 loudspeakers) required a PC turned on and connected close to the amplifier. I found an excellent¬†solution in the Pinnacle Soundbridge HomeMusic device. Wireless audio streaming is what this device does. Nothing more (ok, internet radio also).¬†Small, with a remote control, with good sound (mp3 and good … Continue reading Stream mp3s to my audio system

Triode radio tube: do it yourself

In these days of¬†hitech electronics we have lost the ability to manufacture our own components.¬† Too complicated, too expensive and not worthwhile, because there is a mass production¬†facility doing it for you. Building your¬†own equipment of standard components is also becoming rare, the chinese factories do that for us. I have personally done nothing with tubes, it started with transistors for me (Philips Pionier!). Fascinating early electronic technology, and audiophiles still listen to tube amplifiers. Why this fascination for tubes now? I found an instruction video how to make your own triode, one of the most simple tubes, but requirig … Continue reading Triode radio tube: do it yourself

USB, Firewire, etc travel kit

Always looking for the right USB cable? Or Firewire? I think the designers of the USB specification made a mess of it. So many variants, small, big, large, male and female, it looks like the United Nations. And as in the UN often the right connection can not be made … So a universal connection kit would be the solution. I bought the TravelEasy Cable bag to¬†fight the¬†cable¬†disorder.¬† ¬† Recently I found a nice Hongkong based webshop¬†DealExtreme,¬†with those cheap chinese made gadgets that can be so handy. Most Hongkong shops, especially selling on ebay, have these items for very low … Continue reading USB, Firewire, etc travel kit

easyPROP Propeller Evaluation board

Amazing, thats is the first thing one thinks when seeing a new processor like the Propeller made by Parallax. I was triggered to look it this when WISclub friend Franz Achatz showed his new easyPROP design. easyPROP is a low priced high quality Propeller based evaluation board equipped with: Ethernet Interface SD Memory VGA and composite Video and Audio PS/2 Keyboard, PS/2 Mouse Xbee connector USB Interface 28 I/O ports What is so special about the Propeller processor? Clock Speed DC to 80 MHz 32K RAM / 32 K ROM, accessible by all cogs as a mutually-exclusive resource through the … Continue reading easyPROP Propeller Evaluation board

Cheap TCP/IP Ethernet on one IC: W5100

A full TCP/IP implementation on a cheap IC? Yes, it is available. The Korean company WIZnet produces an IC with the name W5100 that implements a full TCP/IP stack, easy to interface to a microcontroller as a peripheral or via SPI. Perfect for controllers from AVR for example.¬†And¬†the interface is¬†also suitable for our beloved old microprocessors like the Z80 and the 6502. WIZ810MJ is a simple module, a PCB with the W5100 IC and a RJ45, you get microcontroller and SPI Interface, Auto MDIX/MDIX¬†network status indicator LEDs – FDX, TX, RX, LINK, Collision¬†, and TCP, UDP, IP, ARP, ICMP, IGMP, … Continue reading Cheap TCP/IP Ethernet on one IC: W5100