A-One, another Apple 1 clone

There are several Apple 1 clones made! The Replica-1 by Vince Briel is the first to apply modern components to replace the hard to get and therefore expensive components, like the Signetics 2513 and such, with modern microprocessors  emulating the terminal part. I found another one, with a dutch background, manufactured and sold by Achatz Electronics, the A-One. The design of this clone is similar: the terminal part is replaced by (this time two) microcontrollers, for video and serial interface. Some differences between the two designs: The A-one is even more compact, less IC’s Has a real Apple 1 slot instead of … Continue reading A-One, another Apple 1 clone

Apple 1 Replica

All of us older computer geeks know that before selling Macs, Apple founders Steve Wozniak (the genius) and Steve Jobs (the  greedy business man) had a lot of success with the Apple ][ or Apple 2 or whatever marketing tricks were done with the name of that remarkable personal  computer. The 2 in the name suggest there was a Apple 1 and yes, there were a very limited numbers of boards sold (200 or so, 50 or o survived time, so its a valuable collectible)  branded Apple 1 in the 1976-77 time-frame. It has video on board and accepts input … Continue reading Apple 1 Replica