The Ultimate Commodore 64 talk

Michael Steil again shows his appreciation of the 6502 cpu and the most succesful computer built around this cpu, the C64, again and again. On the blog he shows the video of the talk he gave at the 25C3, Berlin december 2008. I heard from my son, who was there, that the room where the talk was given was completely filled! An incredible amount of information on the cpu and the C64! A must see. Link: Continue reading The Ultimate Commodore 64 talk

L65, a structured language instead of an assembler

Inspired by the latest work of Niklaus Wirth, his PICL language. I am thinking of designing a new language for my 6502 based machines. Programming the small 6502 machines, like the KIM-1, Micro-KIM or the Apple 1 replica’s for applications suitable for this kind of computer, like I/O contriol and not the generic workstation personal productivity, is either done in higly inefficient Basic or Pascal, with lots of unnecessary overhead or via assembler. The issue here is, that high level langauge are too far removed from the actual CPU. And assembler is the worst kind of programming language thinkable (yes … Continue reading L65, a structured language instead of an assembler