Season finale

It is season finale time again. Most of my favorite television series are on vacation. Battlestar Galactica is already finished, SG-1 is finished forever as a series, Atlantis wil continue with Carter in the cast next season. Harry Dresden will also return next year.  Heroes also came to a season finale, much is revealed, enough loose ends left to continue this great show in 2008. Boston Legal is still on for some weeks and so is 4400. Doctor Who with his lovely new companian Martha is doing what Doctor Who is always doing, the Daleks and his other friends pop up everywhere, but mostly in Londen. The episode with Shakespeare was fun, the rest is not too exciting. 
So this will be a long summer. I am looking forward for Eureka, back in june. Sliders is waiting for me, downloaded the whole lot last week.

Lost DharmaI just watched the last episodes of Lost, now in its third season. The second season was not that great, but this third season surprised me. And the closing epsiodes were good! Instead of flashbacks, now we are shown flashes of the future, and instead of giving insight of the past of a person, this is full of secrets not revealed. Who is in the coffin? Who is Kate living with? Sigh, wait till next season!

Lost cast

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