Retro website and forum, CMS Made Simple and PHPBB2

I like small computers, especially the SBC (Single Board Computer) type.

These SBC’s give you a direct contact with the hardware, simple enough to understand all what is happening. It once started with the KIM-1, a true SBC of the early days. So in my collection the SBC’s, especially the 6502 based, have a special place. Junior, Micro-KIM, Apple 1 Replica, A-ONE, all variations on that theme.

The domain gives me nearly unlimited access to subdomains, so I combined my love for SBC’s and my love for web publishing:

  • the url  host a site devoted to the SBC. Build with CMS Made Simple, in a dark layout.
  • a Retro forum in a style that goes well with the website is added, a PHPBB2 implementation. So now also interactivity in my websites! 

Both CMS Made Simple and PHPBB2 have proofed to be quality tools, allowing to build this  website in a very quick way.

Please visit my new initiative!


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