Programming again: KIMPAPER

The micro-KIM made me start programming again! asked me  if I had a utility to convert from binary, like the KIM-1 programs on my website, to the MOS Technology paper-tape format that is understood by the KIM-1 monitor for loading programs.

And yes, such a utility once existed, written by me as part of a teminal emulation and loading/saving package on VAX/VMS. Long time ago (1985), VAX/VMS Pascal and I only have a not  source on paper.
So I started writing a program to be called KIMPAPER to convert between the MOS Technology paper-tape format and the not so intelligent BIN, a binary dump of memory. It will be a commandline utility, Turbo Pascal syntax, but compiled with FreePascal, so fit for Linux and Windows XP.
I am amazed how easy it goes. Must have been 10 years ago that I did some serious programming, I just crunch out good code. Only difference with old times is: these computers are now entertainment centers and are online, so mp3s, email, chats, Google, writing blogs, all those online things distract me from programming. And evenings were longer in the old days, I need my sleep now or else I will be a zombie in the day time at work. But it sure is fun!

Bummer is that I thought such a utility did not exist.   Wrong, Peter Miller (also known from my UCSD adventures) has made a utility called SRECORD to convert between various eprom programmer formats, and that includes the MOS paper format. But I kept on working on KIMPAPER, to make it simple to use and mine! You can find the utility including sources for Borland Pascal and Freepascal as commandline utility on the KIM-1 page

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