Petra Jordan, Jerash, Wadi Rum, Aqaba

After solving my problems with Adobe Premiere, as I reported last week, I have spent quite some time this weekend sorting and editing the video material I shot in Jordan, last september. The results are twofold. First I made the traditional DVD video, with menu, some photo’s included and music and titles. It has become a 35 minute DVD movie and I am sure that will be too long to show to my friends and family. Next I did some flash movies for the internet, and that is more userfriendly and the quality is quite good (unless you upload to Youtube)

The quality is quite good, considering the not optimal recording I did (no tripod and too much panning). The Canon FS100 is a consumer quality device, with adequate quality, but weak in difficult situations like sunshine with high contrasts, low light giving noise, and to my surprise in high temperature situations loss of autofocus.
Also Adobe Premiere 4 is less stable than version 3. I never saw a crash with version 3, version 4 crashed once in a while. Building menus is also not as integrated in the normal editing, looks like Adobe just threw an external module in. Oh well, it gets the job done and perhaps version 7 will be better.

After doing the DVD video I did several flash movies, shorter, about 4 to 8 minutes, focussed on a restricted number of subjects and placed the result online at

Here are the first. See the video in full screen, in the player bottom menu there is on the right a [ ] button for that.

Petra Jordan

Jerash, Amman, Dead Sea

Wadi Rum


Kings Road, Madaba, Mount Nebo, Kerak


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