Old car, new car, I am fine

Friday april 10. On my way home, a fool ignored the red light, instead accelerated to make it on time. But alas, my light already had turned green, I had started driving and my poor car was in his way. Bang. He hit me on the right back side. The car made a 180 degrees spin. The car is severely damaged as you can see. I was allright myself, even not very excited or mad, just happy to be alive.

His car was also quite damaged, and he is in trouble since he confessed his stupid action to the police. The police and towing company helped us clean up the mess. I do hope the police also will give him a good ticket for ignoring the light and speeding.






So a new car is required. Amazing how fast that went, major amount of money spent in an hour.

The new one is a Mitshubishi Colt, Small, affordable, very ecenomical, quite environment friendly. Nice blueish color. Good audio system! Will have it in a week!




3 thoughts on “Old car, new car, I am fine

  1. Hey Hans,

    Was even schrikken neem ik aan.
    Je oude auto kreeg een mooi kusje.
    Nu de schrik en het regelen van alle zaken voorbij zijn,wil ik je feliciteren met je nieuwe auto.!!



  2. Blij te horen dat je zelf ok bent. Blik is maar blik.
    Mooi nieuw blikje trouwens.

    Viel spass!

  3. Hi Hans,

    Fijn dat het allemaal goed is afgelopen en dat je er zelf niets aan hebt overgehouden, althans fysiek… de schrik zal er wel even in hebben gezeten.

    Ik hoop dat je desondanks een leuke vakantie hebt!


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