Old? Am I? Will I become old?

My son triggered me into this rant with his comment ‘dad is becoming an old man’.

That could mean: ‘you already behave old’ or ‘I hope you wil become much older than you are today’.  I hope the latter of course 😉
But what are the signs of already being old?

Being physically old?Hm, something I cannot deny. Some grey hairs (don’t laugh, grey, not bold),  the condition is not as when I was 20, my sons beat me at races without any chance of me winning. And I can not work long nights and be fresh in the morning, I need to go to bed on time or the zombie does not awake at all.
Mental old? Ok, this is something I deny fiercely. I do have some experience in life, so I tend to tell wise stories and advise often negative about too optimistic plans.  Especially managers do not like that, go ahead (ever met a�manager who listens to you? most are full of it..) , fail miserably and hate me for saying ‘I told you so’. And even say: ‘You did not warn me!’ and at that moment I have the cover your ass memo ready I sent them before. That’s life experience put to good use.

What makes people really old is saying: this is too complicated for me, let younger people look at this. Well, I do hate the Nokia gsm phones, selected by my colleague, as being non-user friendly (I hate sending SMS messages with that thing) and have lousy battery life and stupid PC software. But I do like the goodlooking Samsung phones and I would love to have a PDA smartphone, a real computer instead of a crippled phone. So I am not old here, I am young here: I want the latest quality stuff, not some modern rubbish!

In general, being in my middle fifties, I adapt easier to new technology than 15 years ago. I recovered the approach used by children: don’t question why and how, but just accept as it is, dive into it, learn like a kid.
Now you will say: half of this blog is about ‘old’ things, like the electronic kits from your youth, music when you were so young, you live in the past! And yes, that is true as far as the hobby subjects concerns, but I do write and work on it with modern tools like Internet, blogs, the latest and greatest PC hardware and software. I chat, I email, I blog, I live on the web, so I am.

Not young, not old, not wise, not foolish, but something of all this.

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