Nostalgia: where it all started

When I was 12 year I have built a crystal radio, a simple to construct kit made by Philips, called Pionier Junior 1. And that started really my fascination for technical things. The device itself was very simple, the booklet described in terms understandable for a 12 year how it worked. It not only made me listen to the radio, in bed, late at night, to music and plays, I wanted to know more! See my website how the Philips kits gave me more.

Of course the original kit was not preserved, some components here and there. I have collected many Pionier’s he last years, some in good condition. This is my latest addition, a Pionier 1 box and radio in perfect condition, just as the one it all started with.

Philisp Pionier 1

Philips Pionier 1

Philisp Pionier 1

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