My sites

Links to the sites on hansotten and sophiechermin domains
Main website, about electronic kits (my former Philips bouwdozen mainly) and my former LP collection and my Radio Bulletin articles 1977-1986.

My personal blog. Ramblings about what interests me, not directly related to one of the next websites.

About SBC computers, mainly 6502 CPU based such as KIM-1 and Elektor/Elektuur.

The computer language Pascal and other Niklaus Wirth languages history and  on small computers.



On Arduino, Raspberry Pi and ESP8266 IOT computing.


On the MSX home computer system.



Photos and videos of our travels from the early years to the last!

Photo’s and descriptions of all sites we have visited (ruined sites and museums) of antquity (mainly greco-roman, some neolithic, some far east).


About my place of birth and city I lived most of my life.


Sophie’s blog about our trips and more


Objects I have for sale