MusicPal, alarmclock, internet radio and audio streamer

I wanted a better alarmclock. The one I use now is a boring LED display with an annoying sound. I know, to get up it has to be annoying!

But I wanted something hitech. After the succes of the Soundbridge, streaming audio and internet radio in the living room, and now having online the mp3 collection, I looked for an alarmclock with streaming capabilities. I found the MusicPal, an alarmclock with hitech sound facilities.

The MusicPal is a Wireless or wired internet radio from Freecom. Plays internet radio without the use of a PC. Streams also MP3 music from your computer or network via WLAN. I use Windows Media Player 11 and that works fine. Not as stable and wellbuffered as the Soundbridge with the firefly mediaserver, a small hickup in the playback can be heard sometimes.

Features :
– Wireless digital internet radio and MP3 player
– Plays internet radio without the use of a computer
– Streams MP3 music from your computer or network
-Installs in seconds, easy to set up  Supports over 10.000 radio stations, including BBC 1,2,3,4 and 5 Live and the usual dutch radio stations
– Alarm clock functionality
-  Live RSS feeds / Blog feeds in display, fun!


Black, small, good looking device. Small speaker of course, with reasonable sound.

The large buttons are push buttons and rotating knobs. The right is used to scroll trough to menus and make selections, the left is the on/off and volume control. The small buttons are the Menu recall and Favorite selection button. The graphical lcd scren shows menus and a large tiem and date display, with adjustable backlight (it is an alarm clock after all!).


On the back the MusicPal shows its strengths:

  • A still covered USB connector. The connector needs to be soldered in and then it allows all kind of USB mass storage to play sound files.
  • Power connector, an efficient switching small brick
  • Headphones connector
  • Ethernet LAN, but there is also a wireless network built in
  • Stereo line output with cinch jacks. Conencted to a stereo system it sounds great.

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