If you visit my webpage, it will become clear nostalgia plays a big role nowadays in my interests. Old electronic kits like the Philips Pionier and EE8 and also my first computer, the KIM-1. I still have that old dinosour, and it still is in working condition, with all its expansions. KIM-1 single board computers are now hard to find and real collector value, I have several revisions in my collection.

Now everybody can own a KIM-1 at a very reasonable price! Vince Briel is developing the micro-KIM, with nearly identical specifications and also a SBC. Cant wait to have one!


  • 6502 CPU running at 1Mhz
  • 2K EPROM replacing built in ROM on 6530’s
  • 5K RAM using the KIM-1 memory map
  • RS232 interface made to work with TIM built in KIM-1
  • Single-Step mode for debugging
  • debounced RESET and STEP switches
  • 40 pin header for future expansion
  • The I/O of the 6 digit display and keyboard are memory mapped exactly like the KIM-1 for full program compatibility.

Update on june 2, 2007:the micro-KIM is available for pre-ordering! As a kit or as assembled and tested unit!


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