Emulith, a Lilith emulator

Emulith is a functional emulation of the ETH Lilith Modula2 computer. Its is programmed by Jos Dreesen, owner of one of the few remaining operational Lilith’s.

The ETH, later DISER, Lilith is a 16 bit workstation developed at the ETH by a team under lead of Prof. N. Wirth between ca. 1979 and 1982. Main reasons to fame were the fact that the hardware was developed to fit the Modula2 language requirements and its high resolution display. It is also one of the earliest personal computers to have a mouse as a standard input device.

The Lilith emulator Emulith is a functional equivalent of the actual Lilith hardware, uses unchanged microcode and disk images of the real machine and gives a reasonable good idea of what the real Lilith looks like. High resolution display, cartridge disk, mouse and keyboard are all part of the emulation. Not covered (yet ?) are RS232, Ethernet and printer interface.

The following hardware and software is needed to run Emulith :
– A reasonable fast PC ( > 1 GHz) running Linux. Ubuntu is fine, even the Live cD.
– Minimal screen resolution of 1280×1024 ( The Lilith itself has a 704×928 resolution.
– Some willingness to read documentation : the Lilith is a 25 year old system and its usage is not comparable with current operating systems. A Lilith manual is part of the documentation.

The performance of Emulith on a 1 GHz machine is comparable with the real hardware, which used a 7 Mhz main clock. Any operation involving the disk is considerably faster on the emulator.

See my Pascal website for more information!

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  1. I may still have or know of the location of one or more Liliths in the US.
    They were used for a voicemail system.

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