It is IT Jim, but not as we know it.

This variation on the ‘It is life Jim; illustrates the corporate IT environment is changing fast.

Some of the trends will lead to dinosaurs disappearing.

  • The corporate desktop and notebook are dead.
    After getting control over the PC, surviving the wild first years when departments bought those computers themselves, IT departments for decades have had complete control over the PC.
    Users are considered to be morons, not capable of anything but use prescribed applications. And not do anything requiring ‘privileges’. Only what the mighty system managers in their wisdom feel the user can handle is given out.
    That is changing fast. Young people come in now, and as they grew up with computers, phones, game consoles and all that hi-tech stuff, no way they will accept that dictator ship, they demand power given back to the user.
    So the corporate desktop and corporate notebook are doomed. All the IT department can hope for that they can still control the business applications and data, and give users access to that in a secure way. Many techniques are emerging, like good old terminal services, virtual desktops and such. Or it might all become browser based applications. So the user will be free to use any hardware he wants, buy it himself, manage it himself and mix personal and business things without big brother IT department interfering. Think notebooks or netbooks or Macbooks, at least something portable and wireless.
  • The mouse is dead.
    Touch screens are the next trend. Multiple touch support will find its way beyond the PDA and mobile phone and free us from the mouse.
  • The corporate IT user is dead.
    The traditional employee will vanish. The working force will be become more and more a combination of temporary hired people, hired from agencies, from outsourcing companies, from partners, from other companies. Another reason the corporate desktop is dead, those users have notebooks and those notebooks are not owned and controlled by this company.
  • The corporate LAN is dead.
    The corporate LAN is built to let the corporate desktop access the corporate servers. For most companies this means servers in the computerroom and the PC’s are on the same network. Users working from home are considered insecure, behind a firewall over secure VPN connections, once inside the building all is trusted.
    With the emergence of mobile devices, public wireless devices, fast internet at home and everywhere, users will work everywhere and do not require that LAN. So consider the user to be an outsider and let in trough firewalls.
  • The corporate helpdesk is dead.
    Without the corporate desktop and corporate LAN and corporate Computerroom we can let the helpdesk disappear or evolve in the helpdesk of outsourcers.
  • The Corporate application in the Corporate Computerroom is dead. SaaS, cloud computing, SOA, it will all lead to the business application leaving the company. And the computerroom will become empty.
  • The corporate operational IT manager and his department are looking for a new job, most likely at the outsourcing companies he has outsourced his Corporate applications to. Nothing lost, since he had not much to do already with the primary business processes.

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