Google’s chrome, what is that all about? Cloud Operating System!

Why did Google produce a browser like Chrome?  For most it seems just a mission impossible to enter the arena where Internet Explorer and Firefox fight for dominance of the browser, with Opera and Safari on the sideline. I suspect there is more to this picture than just another browser, Google is making another step towards cloud computing  with Search and Google Apps.

And others also think so: 

So says Nick Carr:

“To Google, the browser has become a weak link in the cloud system — the needle’s eye through which the outputs of the company’s massive data centers usually have to pass to reach the user — and as a result the browser has to be rethought, revamped, retooled, modernized. Google can’t wait for Microsoft or Apple or the Mozilla Foundation to make the changes (the first has mixed feelings about promoting cloud apps, the second is more interested in hardware than in clouds, and the third, despite regular infusions of Google bucks, lacks resources), so Google is jump-starting the process with Chrome.”

To which, Sam Johnston adds an amen:

“What is perhaps most interesting, though (at least from a cloud computing point of view), is the full-frontal assault on traditional operating system functions like process management (with a task manager that allows users to “see what sites are using the most memory, downloading the most bytes and abusing (their) CPU”). Chrome is effectively a Cloud Operating Environment for any (supported) operating system in the same way that early releases of Windows were GUIs for DOS. All we need to do now is load it on to a (free) operating system like Linux and wire it up to cloud storage (a la Mozilla Weave) for preferences (e.g. bookmarks, history) and user files (e.g., uploads, downloads), and we have a full blown Cloud Operating System!”

Better read this also: Chrome Considered Harmfull to get a reality check on the bloated marketing attempts of Google. I even prefer the ‘about nothing’ ad from Microsoft with Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates in a shoestore to the technical misleading blabla of Google. Google is just as evil as Microsoft! Less evil than Apple and Sony, but still to be carefully checked for their intentions. Google is an advertising company, and they already collect a huge amount of personal data on everyone to target ads at us. Being the browser vendor will give them that much more personal and behavioral data, which will be even more worrisome if the Chrome browser evolves into a cloud operating system.

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