Dyno torch or ‘knijpkat’


Always handy, a pocket torch when it is dark and the power is down. Of course, at that moment the battery of the tortch is always empty.

So I got myself a very old type of device, in a new incarnation: a dyno torch! Just press the handle several time and the two bright white LEDs start to shine. Keep on pushing and the builtin battery is recharged, so light for free and at the right time!


2 thoughts on “Dyno torch or ‘knijpkat’

  1. Dear Sirs,
    Received your Dyno Torch as a present from Evides and i’m glad with it.
    How many times must i push the handle down for recharging after using the battery.
    The portion light is wonderful and you can see in the darkness very good with the lighttorch.
    Thanks in advance for your reply

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