Favorite books: Dune or Arrakis or Duin

Duin MessiasOne of my favorite science fiction books must be Dune, by Frank Herbert. In the Netherlands this appeared in the Meulenhoff Science-fictions series, sometimes in the seventies. What makes this book so special is the richeness of the scene, the humans staying human in so strange locations, the numerous links to religions and philosophies, hints at nomadic arabic heroism and immense tragedies.
The series of Duin ended with Duin Kapittel or Chapterhouse Dune as it is called in English. It had a rather open end , but after the dead of Frank Herbert I thought it was over. I also enjoyed the movie Dune, with an amusing role of Sting as an evil Harkonnen. And a few years ago a mini television series played the Dune series until the God Emperor appeared.

Duin Kapittel Frank HerbertBut it did not end , Frank Herbert’s son, Herbert, son, helped by Kevin Anderson, continued to write about the Dune universe. And while the books are not of the literal quality of the Frank Herbert books, it is still good amusement about a well-known universe. My latest additions are the books set in time about 30 years before the first Dune book.

Until now all these books were read by me in Dutch, though I have the God Emperor book also in English. Alas, I failed to get the Harkonnen book, so I ordered this one in English. Cheaper also by the way. And while I was at it, I decided to order the books set hundreds of years before in time. about the Butlerian wars against the intelligent machines. This will keep me busy for a while!

Dune sandwormsAnd I discovered there are also two books continuing the stoory after the Chapterhouse Dune book! The first one, called Hunters of Dune, is also in the order. The second one, Sandworms of Dune, will be published in august 2007, so after all those years I am impatiently waiting for a book to be published about my beloved Dune universe!

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