Driver hell: I hate my lazy system manager

notebook at work

I have been plagued for weeks now with a mystery I could not solve: Photoshop Elements 6 works on all my PC’s except the notebook I use at work. Switching from Full to Quick Edit or to the Organizer and the damned program crashed.
And on even my old and humble desktop PC’s no problems ….

Now is giving up not one of my strongest points. I manage my own notebook so to work: removing apps that may interfere (codexes, Nero) did not help. Cleaning th registry did not help, it even made the PC unstable . I even went further then ever: re installed Windows XP and all apps. And that helped, the excellent Photoshop Elements worked like a charm. Added all those apps I cannot live without, and Photoshop kept on working like a charm.

Back with a fresh installed notebook to work, add it to the domain, and no problem, Photoshop works ! So far all good.

A day went by, the usual mess at work with meetings and such. Not much work behind the PC and that night the now standard check: Photoshop still works. More apps installed (I can make nice flash based things now!) , Photoshop still works.

So it is friday, a day to write the plans and kick all that project members to work, send memo’s, write reports, print the reports. Hm, I have to add a network printer of course and the nice laser print is ready to read.

That night hell broke loose. Photoshop crashes again! Cursed be that sh* piece of program. Or whatever interfered since …. oh … think … I installed a network printer at work today! And installing a printer means a free copy of the driver from the server automagic on the PC, the network printer becomes the default printer and that is nice and friendly. But how about Photoshop crashing? So kick off that default network printer, start Photoshop and … it works again!!!!!

So the network printer driver is crap, and indeed, there is a newer version of that driver and without doubt it will cure the bad habits of its prehistoric ancestor on the server. Tomorrow is reserved for kicking that lazy system admin to work, update the driver to the latest version dude!

Rob at work

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