Content Management Systems

I have evaluated several CMS systems the last weeks. Ranging from (too) simple to sophisticated and state of the art.

Here are my conclusions on the systems worth a second look (or not!)

  1. CMSimple CMS too simple?
    As the name says: simple. Only to be used for the most simple of sites, with 2 or 3 pages. Requires only PHP. The actual pages of the site are stored in one html file. Slow in usage. Has an awkward way of adding pages, that also automatically turn into a multilevel menu, alphabetically sorted only. Quite buggy. The developer is not very customer-friendly, is more busy with legal threats than development and is fighting with his plugin developers. Contains spyware! To be avoided.
  2. CMS made simple Just right!
    A PHP and MySQL based system. Open source, GPL.
    A very good and intuitive system. Easy to start with, good support, nice templates, an enthusiastic community, new features being added, RSS, User management. Recommended!
  3. Joomla The Rolls Royce of the CMS systems.
    A well respected and feature rich system. With this one you can really do large and complex things. PHP and SQL also. Large community, excellent support.
    It has a bit of a learning curve, but rewards you with total control. Recommended!

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