CMS Made Simple and the Beginner’s Guide

For several years my websites run on popular opensource packages, based upon MySQL and PHP.

This blog runs on WordPress, the other sites  (Personal Interest,  Travel,  Weesp,  Retro Computing,  Pascal for Small Computers) on a content management system,  CMS Made Simple. And there is the retro forum based upon PHPBB.

I selected CMS Made Simple  several years ago (see this blog) and this package, now at version 1.7, has lived up to my expectations.  With two themes and five websites it has helped me enormously to maintain the websites. Once configured right, adding content is not requiring any but basic skills.

Simple is something I like. CMS Made Simple has enough  ‘out of the box’ power and there are sufficient extensions (like Capcha, FormBuilder) to make me happy. Simple does not mean it takes some effort and knowledge to get started with CMS Made Simple. I wish I had a good guide for the first tasks you encounter. Like installing the software and designing or adapting a theme and install the extensions you want. And moving the websites to another provider.

 Of course there is help at the website of CMS Made Simple in the form of a Wiki and a community forum. But, as to be expected, programmers are good at programming but not so good in explaining how to use their programs! To start with  CMS Made Simple it is expected to be good in html, css,  managing web space rented from a provider, managing MySQL and spending time on the CMS Made Simple website. And do that again when upgrading versions (and do upgrade!) or moving your website to another provider or redesign your website. 

I wish I had access then to the CMS Made Simple Beginner’s Guide. Written by Sofia Haushildt, published by PACKT Publishing,  available as printed book or ebook or both.
This book will help not only the beginner but also the more experienced CMS Made Simple administrator.

This is the Table of Contents (See the whole table here)

Chapter 1: Building Websites with CMS Made Simple
Chapter 2: Getting Started
Chapter 3: Creating Pages and Navigation
Chapter 4: Design and Layout
Chapter 5: Using Core Modules
Chapter 6: Users and Permissions
Chapter 7: Using Third-party Modules
Chapter 8: Creating Your Own Functionality
Chapter 9: E-commerce Workshop
Chapter 10: Advanced Use of CMS Made Simple
Chapter 11: Administration and Troubleshooting

You can see a lot is covered in this book. See here a Sample chapter. In a pleasant and readable style. The author is a wellknown expert in the CMS Made Simple world.  The book is Recommended! And by buying the book the CMS Made Simple team gets a percentage, so you help further development!


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