China trip

The China trip captured in a few highlights:

Shanghai Bund

Shanghai, the Bund in the evening
Great Chinese Wall

The Great Wall (and climb!)
Forbidden City Beijing

Beijing, the Forbidden City
Gate of heavily Peace

Temple of Heaven Beijing
Terracotta army Xian

Terracotta army in Xian
Balloons in Yangshou

Balloontrip in Yangshou
Hongkong Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak, Hongkong

Flying over the Himalaya

3 thoughts on “China trip

  1. Hallo Hans,

    Mooie foto’s ! Ondertussen weer het ‘gewone’leventje, maar nog steeds aan het nagenieten van het onvergetelijke China.

    Groeten uit Deventer

    Paul en Esther

  2. Well done, Hans. Did you really go up in a ballo0n? Good for you, if you did. The shot from Victoria Peak in Hong Kong brought back memories of my trip to Thailand and Hong Kong in 1994 (?). The closest i got to China was the border gate in Macau when I did the Sydney Greenstreet-Peter Lorre day trip (one way on hovercraft and back in a airfoil(?).


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