Canon S90, new travel companion


For 3 years my faithful travel companion has been the Canon A710IS. A compact camera with excellent quality and always capable enough. It has many strong points, and some weak, inherent on the compact camera concept. The weakest point is low light conditions, noise becomes visible too soon to my taste.  But 6 large and several smaller trips all over the world have delivered beautiful images, see my travel website.  As a point and shoot camera it is perfect. 

But as usual, time goes on and new technology appears with better specs. So a new camera again. Also a Canon, slighty smaller even, with a higher price, and with most of  the weak points resolved:

– Low light is battled with a better sensor, larger than the standard in compacts. So noise is less a problem. I do not expect it to match the Canon 100oD DSLR, but it surely beats the A710IS
- improved resolution. Not in pixels, the step from 7 to 10 Mpixels is not that much. But it shows in quality. It seems Canon choose quality over resolution in this camear.
– freedom to choose settings. Where the A710 IS only has zoom in and out, this one gives much more control over the image. Again, not as much control as the DSLR, but more than enough to catch the trickier shoots
– processing. From raw formatat to the better image processor built.
– LCD size. Much larger, and thats good since that is where you look at when taking a photo.  
– I do hope the battery wil be faster  charging the flash.  A very annoying feature of the A710IS.

This camera will go with me to Java and Bali. Whether it will make me leave the Canon DSLR at home,  will be the tough qustion to asnwer next months.

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