Babylon 5: The Lost Tales

I am a big fan of the Babylon 5 series. It was broadcast many years ago, a good memory.

So I was pleasantly surprised to learn that a direct-to-DVD series will be released under the title The Lost Tales.

The first DVD has been released this week . Now either this new series has a very slow start or I am going to be rather disappointed.

Two tales are told. A very slow and without any action first one about a demon escaped from earth, nearly without tension, and without any surprise in the end. Lots and lots of blabla, nice effects, but nearly no plot.

The second one is just as slow and low on action. The effects are beautiful, some of my favorite persons are there (Sheridan, Galen). But as a whole, quite a disappointment.

Lets hope the episode with Garibaldi will be more fun.


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