Apple 1 Replica

All of us older computer geeks know that before selling Macs, Apple founders Steve Wozniak (the genius) and Steve Jobs (the  greedy business man) had a lot of success with the Apple ][ or Apple 2 or whatever marketing tricks were done with the name of that remarkable personal  computer.

The 2 in the name suggest there was a Apple 1 and yes, there were a very limited numbers of boards sold (200 or so, 50 or o survived time, so its a valuable collectible)  branded Apple 1 in the 1976-77 time-frame. It has video on board and accepts input from a full size keyboard, so it is one of the first standalone hobby/personal computers based on a microprocessor, the 6502 of course, being powerful and cheap at that moment). Read more here.

Before he made the Micro-KIM, Vince Briel designed quite a complex replica of the Apple 1. Complex because of the now defunct, hard to get components. He worked around that problem beautifully with innovative modern solutions and added conventient modern connections like USB and PS/2 keyboard. The result is the Apple 1 Replica (SE). And I have one of those nice boards now! Including the slot expansion and the CFFAA1 (Compactflash mass memory) board.

Besides the Replica-1 there is another clone called the A-One. Sold by the dutch company Achatz Elecronics, in kit or assembled form. I really like the A-one Extended, with a breadboard attached and three slots. There also prototype boards, and a breadbaord expanson board. I am condering getting one of these, it looks like the ultimate 6502 experimenters system. A-One extended

Of course I like the Micro-KIM a bit more, since it is more authentical, with only ‘old’ components!

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