A new monitor Acer Aspire GD245HQ

I have a new monitor. Replaced my DELL monitor, 1280×1024 normal width with a widescreen 1920×1080 one.

This monitor is connected to my main workhorse, a DELL notebook. And this notebook (the E6500) has a Displayport, which can also deliver DVI.  The previous one could only do VGA, and the 1280×1024 was a bit of a limit as monitor. 

So with a notebook allowing larger screen espace, I was on the lookout for a bigger screen. It had to have DVI and HDMI and be Full HD and affordable. In august iBood offered a 23 inch LED 23 inch Acer monitor for 189 euro, and that was what I wanted. iBood is one of these internet shops selling one item for one day for a low price, and its reputation with aftersales being not too good. But what could go wrong with a monitor? A lot alas, iBood (or iDood as I call it now) and Acer deliver bad aftersales, but it ended well this  week.

When the Acer monitor finally was delivered (iBood delivers always slower than advertized!)  it only worked for minutes.  Thats when the nightmare started. iBood only can be contacted via a web contact form, no email, no phone. But they reacted to my call, and simpy told me STFU, eh see if Acer would help.
Acer can only be called. The callcentre is in the Caribbean, the telephone quality is bad. I did get an RMA, and send the monitor to Acer and started to wait and wait and call every two weeks. No, it was ‘under repair’, no I could not get a replacement, and no, I could not talk to some in management.

This week I visited a business computer fair, and there was a stand manned by Acer salespeople. Talked to them, exchanged business cards, discussed the possibility of buying Acer for my company, I was of course working towards my true objective: talk about service. The guy started bragging about the excellent service, and at this moment I presented my case (with pepole in hearing distance!), about waiting two months without any clue.
The guy was embarrished, and wanted the case info,  started to make phone calls and the next day a new monitor was delivered! Not my LED 23 inch, but a GD245HQ, brand new.

So now I have my monitor! The GD245HQ is a top model, with better specs than the LED monitor that failed. Twice as expensive also. Beautiful and large!

My happiness lasted a couple of hours. A new monitor always means playing with birightnes, contrast, color correction to get a calibrated, sharp and not too bright or dull display. Alas, that failed, the screen showed a strange shadow and ghosting  around characters, a bit of color shifting and it was not right at all. No setting on the Acer monitor menu helped me.

I shivered, again a new period of calling helpdesks, waiting, trying to get the Acer salesman helping me again? Let me google if others have seen this. And yes! a known problem with this monitor! Acer  ships it cripled!  And yes! there is a solution! More than one person found out that  the problem came from a setting called Overdrive, OD. And only with the hidden service menu you can turn it off!  

Accesing the service menu is easy, with the buttons on the monitor:

1. Turn on the monitor with  the  power button as usual, PC connected.
2. Turn off the monitor with the power button.
3. Press and keep pressed the most-left meu button.
4. Turn the monitor on.
5. Release the most left menu button.
6. Press the centre menu button and release it.
7. Now the service menu should appear on screen.
8. Navigate in the service menu just like in the normal one.
9. Navigate to the OD line with the up/down menu buttons (right two buttons)
10. Select the OD with the middle menu button,, change it to off with the left buttons.
11. Turn the monitor off, wait a second and turn it on.


And now the ghosting is gone! Its perfect!

 The monitor is brandnew, it keeps the time elapsed operating  in the service menu 😉gm245hq

Will I ever buy Acer again? I now have a netbook, the D250 and a monitor, the GD245HQ. Excellent hardware! And a very bad service support experience … No , this is my last Acer product! And my last buy at iBood!

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