A new camera

I was quite pleased with the Canon Powershot 420 I took with me to Venezuela. After the first day I switched form the inferior Fuji E500 to this conventient camera and it served me well the rest of the vacation in Venezuela. Since this camera was meant for my friend in Venezuela, I shipped it to Caracas on my last day in Porlamar.

So I was in the market for a new camera. Canon is my choice of manufacturer, though I am still pleased with my Casio QV400.
What I wanted was:

  • A small camera to travel with, no bulky hard to carry monster, but not too small and light to make it hard to make the photo.
  • Fast. The Casio was slow in startup, slow in charging the flash and slow for the next shot.
  • Quality. So it should give good colors, sharp, smart in autofocus, show not too much noise and have a better resolution than 4 megapixels but not generate too large images (most end up on my webpage anyway).
  • Conventient rechargeable batteries. So 2x penlite NiMh is fine, Li-ION with separate chargers and expensive spare accus is not.
  • Easy to control and a larger lcd screen than the Casio or Fuji.
  • Standard memory card, preferrably a affordable SD card with space for hundreds of photos and fast enough to allow fast shooting.
  • After some research and reading reviews I stumbled upon the recently introduced Canon Powershot A710 IS, a 7 megapixel, 6x zoomlens with a quite large lcd screen. The price is reasonable too (244 euro), it fits my specifications, and it feels easy to handle.

    So here it is: my new camera for the next holidays, ready for some tests the next weeks:

    CAnon A710 IS back

    CAnon A710 IS front

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