A battery for the Acer Aspire One D250

The D250 comes witha 2200 mah battery. A 3 cell Li-Ion version, good for over 2 hours. Quite an achievement for such a battery and netbook.  There is a version with a 4400 mah but the price differencee is well over 70 euro, I paid 279 euro (delivered at home, www.modern.nl)  for my D250. And this will give 5 hours max runtime. And this may not be enough also . 2 hours are passing by quickly on the road. And batteries age, so in less than 2 years I would not be surprised to see it only last 1 1/2 hours.

Lucklily there is a large after market offer of (non-Acer) of batteries on the market. I looked around for a big one, and saw prices well over 100 euro for 4400 mah. Or cheap ones from dealextreme but with bad reviews.

So I choose an affordable and reliable UK based source, from amazon.co.uk. A firm called Ultimate addons sells a 6600 mah battery for the D250 (fit for many other Acer netbooks also). It has good recviews. Price is 48.99 pound, shipping 7.99. With the current exchange rate this is cheap!
Fast delivery  also,  four working days.


Here you s ee the original 2200 mah in the front and the 6600 mah connected to the netbook. Perfect fit, and,  with its large size on the bottom, elevates the netbook in a more comfortable position.
Windows tells me the running time is nearly 9 hours! With the original and the addon battery I have now enough running time for even the longest trips.  I had it running for more than 5 hours, displaying a video, and Wndows kept telling me about several hours running time left. Looks good sofar.


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