MSX SCC Mega Flash ROM

The Mega Flash SCC is a cartridge for the MSX with a flash RAM memory inside. So it can be used as a normal cartridge once a suitable program has been stored inside, also known as ‘flashing’.

MSX Mega Flash SCCThis kind of memory has become quite cheap lately and is a lot easier to work with than the now old-fashioned EPROM’s with UV light erasers and special hardware for programming. The SCC in this Flash module gives this cartridge something extra: the SCC is the music IC that is found in so many MSX Konami games.
And the SCC IC also provides a memory mapper to address all that memory inside the 512 KB flash memory.
Most people use this cartridge to play games, dumped from the original. Konami games of course function quite well in this SCC Mega Flash ROM!

The Mega Flash SCC is available from the designer and producer Manuel Pazos at
this url. At that location also the loader program OPF is available. a MSX DOS (2) program.Of course a MSX with a floppy drive or hard disk is required to use this loader program. As you can see, this is a professional designed and produced device!

MSX Mega Flash SCCI do not play games, but a recent development made me buy this device anyway. The talented dutch programmer Vincent van Dam made a utility to convert this device into a solid state, read-only floppy drive!
By hacking a diskrom (see the diskrom sources in the MSX software Info pages in such a way that sectors are read from this ROM instead of a floppy the MSX thinks there is a write=protected floppy drive attached with a program on disk.
Combined with compression it is possible to use this ‘diskdive’ without a real drive, quiet, cheap and easy to flash with another floppy disk image. Emulators make it easy to develop floppy images nowadays, the real MSX can be used to execute the program on floppy disk.

DSK2ROM is a package containing a custom diskrom which can be used to concatenate .dsk image to. The result will be a romfile. Additionally it contains a (pc) tool that can compress images to make them smaller, though the romfile alone is enough to do (uncompressed) conversions on any platform (including MSX-DOS2).

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  1. Hello! Iám sorry for my bad english!

    Do you have that mega flash rom cartridges available?
    If i want to buy it what it gona cost to delivery in finland and what is cost that mega flash rom.

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