Visual 6502

The guys at made an amazing simulation of the real 6502, at the hardware transistor level! So finally no more secrets about the 6502! Working from a single 6502, they exposed the silicon die, photographed its surface at high resolution and also photographed its substrate.  Using these two highly detailed aligned photographs, they created vector polygon models of each of the chip’s physical components – about 20,000 of them in total for the 6502.  These components form circuits in a few simple ways according to how they contact each other, so by intersecting our polygons, they were able to create a … Continue reading Visual 6502

A new monitor Acer Aspire GD245HQ

I have a new monitor. Replaced my DELL monitor, 1280×1024 normal width with a widescreen 1920×1080 one. This monitor is connected to my main workhorse, a DELL notebook. And this notebook (the E6500) has a Displayport, which can also deliver DVI.  The previous one could only do VGA, and the 1280×1024 was a bit of a limit as monitor.  So with a notebook allowing larger screen espace, I was on the lookout for a bigger screen. It had to have DVI and HDMI and be Full HD and affordable. In august iBood offered a 23 inch LED 23 inch Acer monitor for 189 … Continue reading A new monitor Acer Aspire GD245HQ