CMS Made Simple and the Beginner’s Guide

For several years my websites run on popular opensource packages, based upon MySQL and PHP. This blog runs on WordPress, the other sites  (Personal Interest,  Travel,  Weesp,  Retro Computing,  Pascal for Small Computers) on a content management system,  CMS Made Simple. And there is the retro forum based upon PHPBB. I selected CMS Made Simple  several years ago (see this blog) and this package, now at version 1.7, has lived up to my expectations.  With two themes and five websites it has helped me enormously to maintain the websites. Once configured right, adding content is not requiring any but basic skills. … Continue reading CMS Made Simple and the Beginner’s Guide

Mini DV spy camera MD80

For $15 including shipment you can buy a mini camera, socalled MD80 mini DV spy camera, on from shops in Hong Kong. The camera is really mini, the size of a cigarette lighter. Add a SD card (good quality, or you get jerky video) and make videos! It also functions as a decent webcam and micro SD(HC) reader. To my surprise this is a very good deal. Video is Standard Definition (720×480, NTSC 30 frames/s) and as you can see it looks rather good. As usual, stability is key for for quality, the MD8o was placed on a stable platform. The manual … Continue reading Mini DV spy camera MD80

Why computers crash and bacteria do not.

( — Nature and software engineers face similar design challenges in creating control systems. The different solutions they employ help explain why living organisms tend to malfunction less than computers, a Yale study has found. “It is a commonplace metaphor that the genome is the operating system of a living organism. We wanted to see if the analogy actually holds up,” said Mark Gerstein, the Albert L. Williams Professor of Biomedical Informatics; professor of molecular biophysics and biochemistry, and computer science; and senior author of the paper. Both E coli and the Linux networks are arranged in hierarchies, but with … Continue reading Why computers crash and bacteria do not.

Forten in Weesp

Forten in Weesp, gerestaureerde overblijfselen van de waterlinies uit vorige eeuwen. Fort Overmeer is niet geheel in de oorspronkelijke staat teruggebracht, en staat vredig in een bocht van de Vecht, met veel natuur er omheen. Ht fort op de Ossenmarkt is fraai gerestaureerd en ligt aan de rand van de oude stad. Video in HD formaat dankzij Youtube en Adobe Premiere en stabiel dankzij een lichtgewicht statief! Continue reading Forten in Weesp