Remove Windows Defender from Windows 7

A new operating system, new challenges, new opportunities, new annoyances. Windows Defender is a program to defend against malware from Microsoft. A standard part of Windows Vista and Windows 7.  Impossible to remove  it seems from browsing the net. I installed Microsoft Security Essentials for the protection against the bad world. Works fine, invisible, no performance hit, got good press and its free. So far so fine. Windows Defender started to complain then. Not running, every boot it wanted to be started. I did not like that, so I used the documented ways to stop it. No way, it came … Continue reading Remove Windows Defender from Windows 7

Windows 7 on Acer Aspire One D250

I think I will like Windows 7.  I completely skipped Windows Vista,  both in business and at home.  Windows XP is still everywhere on all my computers. But Windows 7, especially 64 bit,  is inevitable. XP is aging and it will be out of the mainstream in a couple of years. Just like Windows 98 SE, great OS’es, a pleasure to use most of the time, but part of history now. While Windows 98  SE was not always stable, Windows XP was the first Microsoft OS as stable and versatile as you can expect for software and well, very well supported … Continue reading Windows 7 on Acer Aspire One D250