The Fabulous Logic Analyzer

This was fun! I have built the TFLA, the acronym for The Fabulous Logic Analyzer. Not my own design, here is the original design. The TFLA is a 8 port logic analyzer. Connected to the parallel port of  a fast PC, the sampling rate can reach 1 MHz, And that makes it usable for my 6502 systems! Also perfect to analyze serial transmission. I made some changes to the original design: Between the parallel port and the output of the buffer I added 1 K resistors. To protect  ports that are not bidirectional. Added a 100 ohm resistor between the input and  the … Continue reading The Fabulous Logic Analyzer

WordPress, I love it, I hate it.

This blog is running on WordPress. It serves me well,  right functionality, easy to manage. Some things though are not fun in Wordpress: The updates are from from painless, a  promise made by the WordPress team. Every upgrade results in searching hours to solve what went wrong this time. The previous upgrade made me move to UTF-8. I am still searching every post for format errors and visible control chars. The image manager/gallery may look nice at first sight, it is a piece of junk in practice.  Until the last version the flash interface did not work at all, and in … Continue reading WordPress, I love it, I hate it.

Conrad Retro Radio

Often I get question about the availibility of Philips kits like the Philips Pionier. And I have to disappoint the asker, those kits are not for sale anymore. Now I found a kit suitable for beginners, young and old,  or those who want to relive again those days of outting together a working radio: The Conrad Retro Radio. I have reported before on that kit and now I have built one. Full report on my Personal Interest’s site. It was fun to built, it plays quite acceptable for an AM radio. Is this the new Pionier kit? No, it is … Continue reading Conrad Retro Radio