I don’t like riding on camels

When I vsited Petra in Jordan, I was offered the chance to ride on a camel. And, like most of the tourists, I declined the offer. My reluctance to ride on animals like camels goes back to my early youth. I found this photo, of a visit with the family to the zoo, Artis in Amsterdam. I am that little boy, looking very frightened of that beast, clearly refusing to join my nephew Jos and my sister on the back of the animal. Continue reading I don’t like riding on camels

Emulith, a Lilith emulator

Emulith is a functional emulation of the ETH Lilith Modula2 computer. Its is programmed by Jos Dreesen, owner of one of the few remaining operational Lilith’s. The ETH, later DISER, Lilith is a 16 bit workstation developed at the ETH by a team under lead of Prof. N. Wirth between ca. 1979 and 1982. Main reasons to fame were the fact that the hardware was developed to fit the Modula2 language requirements and its high resolution display. It is also one of the earliest personal computers to have a mouse as a standard input device. The Lilith emulator Emulith is … Continue reading Emulith, a Lilith emulator

New camera Canon EOS 1000D

Sinterklaas has brought me two presents, a new TV and a new photo camera. This is about the Canon EOS 1000D. More on the LCD tv and the 5.1 home theater set, when I am finished installing all that!                   Not that I am dissatisfied with my Canon Powershot A710 IS, not at all. It has proven to be a perfect companion on my travels, delivering good photos. Of course it is a compact camera, with the small size and low weight as advantages, and the disadvantages such as lack of options and noise in low light situations that … Continue reading New camera Canon EOS 1000D

Logitester, test digital circuits

I thought that I had found and published all articles I have writen for Radio Bulletin in the period 1979 to 1986. Alas, I did not. Yesterday I was looking for the Cosmicos articles by Bob Stuurman, and found in the august 1980 issue the Logitester article. Still have and use that tester, such a handy tool for digital circuits, often just as handy as my Hameg scope. Which reminds me, some kind of logic analyser would be nice too to have. Or built myself The Fabulous Logic Analyser. Anyway, here is the Logitester article, and this is how it … Continue reading Logitester, test digital circuits

Moving to a new provider

Lycos served me well for more than 4 years,.The domain hansotten.com, with the sites www.hansotten.com and weblog.hansotten.com have been doing well, gaining high google ratings like PR 4 now. But Lycos will stop the hosting services and I looked around for a new provider. Strato will get the business and the domain name transfer has started. So this will mean some downtime the coming days. Sorry and dont worry, i will be back soon! Edit 15 dec 2008: the blog has moved! The technical aspect was easy, Strato works well but it did require two phonecalls to the servidedesk to … Continue reading Moving to a new provider