More on Microsoft Basic: listing from behind a filing cabinet

Found an interesting page again on the origin of Microsoft Basic, the 8080 version. A listing was recovered in 2000. It was behind a filing cabinet for 20 years! Lots of technical details on the development process for this version of BASIC. Especially talking about developing 8080 assembler stuff without the aid of an 8080 cross-assembler for the PDP-10. 00340 SUBTITL VERSION 1.1 — MORE FEATURES TO COME The copyright reads : 00400 ——————————————- 00410 COPYRIGHT 1975 BY BILL GATES AND PAUL ALLEN 00420 ——————————————- It also says ‘written originally on the PDP-10 at Harvard from February 9 to April … Continue reading More on Microsoft Basic: listing from behind a filing cabinet

Petra Jordan, Jerash, Wadi Rum, Aqaba

After solving my problems with Adobe Premiere, as I reported last week, I have spent quite some time this weekend sorting and editing the video material I shot in Jordan, last september. The results are twofold. First I made the traditional DVD video, with menu, some photo’s included and music and titles. It has become a 35 minute DVD movie and I am sure that will be too long to show to my friends and family. Next I did some flash movies for the internet, and that is more userfriendly and the quality is quite good (unless you upload to … Continue reading Petra Jordan, Jerash, Wadi Rum, Aqaba

Video editing with Premiere Elements

Its autumn. Lots of rain, getting dark early, feeling depressed already due to the lack of daylight. Leave home early, drive in the dark, come home at night in the dark, winter cloths. So its time now to relive happier summer days, time to do some video editing of the material shot during the Turkey and Jordan holidays with my new Canon FS100 video camera. First things I see when looking at the material are that the camera performed reasonably well. Not as good as my Canon Powershot 710IS, but it did record acceptable video fragments. And I did record … Continue reading Video editing with Premiere Elements