Lightning! Thunderstorm!

It is finally summer in the Netherlands. Which means a lot of sunshine, high humidity, it feels quite warm. And it is typical dutch, also lots of rain and at the end of a warm day a good thunderstorm. Yesterday was such a day. I heard the thunder rolling all afternoon, and slowly it came close and closer. At 17:50 it was very close, light and sound at the same time, so this was too close! And quite loud! So close, it did affect my systems: – no more cable, so no more internet, no televison, no more telephone.just when … Continue reading Lightning! Thunderstorm!

The Last Crusade

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Good movie, fascinating location. Actually, most of the movie is located in Jordan, the location of that temple carved from the rocks  is Petra. Recently elected to be one of the new 7 world wonders. So my second vacation, in september,  this year will be Jordan and Syria. The program is: Day 2 – Amman-Jerash-Dead Sea Amman, main city of the kingdom Of Jordany. Jerash, remains of a roman city. The Dead Sea. the low point with salt water. Day 3 Damasque in Syria Day 4 Madaba church, mountain Nebo Ancient city Kerak   Day … Continue reading The Last Crusade

MusicPal, alarmclock, internet radio and audio streamer

I wanted a better alarmclock. The one I use now is a boring LED display with an annoying sound. I know, to get up it has to be annoying! But I wanted something hitech. After the succes of the Soundbridge, streaming audio and internet radio in the living room, and now having online the mp3 collection, I looked for an alarmclock with streaming capabilities. I found the MusicPal, an alarmclock with hitech sound facilities. The MusicPal is a Wireless or wired internet radio from Freecom. Plays internet radio without the use of a PC. Streams also MP3 music from your … Continue reading MusicPal, alarmclock, internet radio and audio streamer

All Europe travel photos online

A project of several years and contless hours scanning s lides and image correcting, I have finished now. All slides I made during my traveling from 1975 to 1985 are now safe in digital format and as good as computer aided image processing and my skills can get them. On my travel website I have added the last collections: Italy 1980, France 1975 and 1981, Switserland 1984 and Germany 1983 to 1985.   Continue reading All Europe travel photos online