Canon FS100 videocamera

A new toy, a hitech video camera. After having used for two years a Samsung VP-D361 mini DV cam and being quite disappointed with the quality of that device (auto focus was off most of the time, and it failed on me when I was in China in the Forbidden City, the tape motor could be heard and fire-wire transfer is awkward) I decided to look at a better quality but affordable camera. For me quality means reliability, small, low weight, easy to carry and easy to add to my current video setup and reasonable video quality. Since my video … Continue reading Canon FS100 videocamera

Zonnig weekeinde

Was het nog aan het sneeuwen met de Pasen, het is nu zo vlak voor Pinksteren en een paar dagen na Hemelsvaartsdag prachtig weer. En alles heeft weer groene blaadjes, behalve mishandelde knotwilgen. TIjd om te gaan fietsen! Muiden is altijd leuk om naar toe te fietsen, langs de Vecht en dan een ijsje aan de sluis … Rhodos in 1982 en 1984 De hele dag fietsen is een beetje veel, tijd om weer een vakantie te herbeleven via de gemaakte foto’s. In 1982 en 1984 zijn we op het eiland Rhodos geweest, een prachtig mengsel van antiek (grieks en … Continue reading Zonnig weekeinde

European cities, business trips with a twist

Over the years I have have had the pleasure of visiting many Euopean cities. Not for a vacation, but in that city a business congress or a office of the company i worked for was situated. In my DEC days the south of France, Sophio Antiopolis, close to Antibes, Cannes and Nice. was a popular destination. Sun, the sea, the food, excellent locaion.Less popular was Reading in the UK, with the bad food, louse climate and uninteresting city building (w.o.w. oldfashioned crap). Alas, in those days I did not take my camera with me, so nit much survived of those … Continue reading European cities, business trips with a twist